'Atitlan rental house is a tranquil sanctuary set amid exquisite gardens'

Living area, Casa ColinaAtitlan house garden path
Dining area and Kitchen, Casa Colinalake Atitlan side beach patio

Casa Colina Light on AtitlanAtitlan rental house exterior
Casa Colina fisherman Private dock for sunbathing
Casa Colina Sunrising Protected cove for swimming

Lake Atitlan vacation rentals house

Getting around the 12-mile long lake is by "lanchas," public boats that stop by the Casa Colina private dock every 30 minutes to pick up passengers and transport them to the other nearby Mayan villages.

The sunrises on lake Atitlan are spectacular, possibly only outdone by the sunsets, which are truly unforgettable.

A 40-foot patio in front of the house is ideal for sunning, relaxing on the hammock and outside dining.

Enjoy the beautiful original paintings by local Mayan artists.

Atitlan Rentals on "Most beautiful lake..."

From its hilltop location, Casa Colina offers an unequalled panoramic view of lake Atitlan and the three volcanoes that surround it. When first discovering lake Atitlan, Aldous Huxley wrote "I believe I have seen what is the most beautiful lake in the world. Picture lake Como with volcanoes. It is almost too much." Huxley was right. Lake Atitlan's natural beauty is almost beyond belief and Casa Colina provides the perfect setting to enjoy it.

The grounds surrounding Casa Colina are lush with hundreds of different varieties of plants, flowers and trees, home to a host of hummingbirds and butterflies. Pick out your own avocados and bananas and eat fresh papaya from your own garden.

At Casa Colina, guests awaken to a symphony of birds from the 75 different species residing at lake Atitlan and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of waves lapping at the shores of the lake below.

Located in a very protected cove, Casa Colina offers guests an ideal and safe area for swimming, rafting and kayaking. Beach chairs, towels and rafts are available for all guests. There is a delightful private beach area for sunning and relaxing.