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So, you’ve decided to visit beautiful Lake Atitlan, Guatemala but can’t decide where to stay? Find a rental house or real estate properties.

Are you looking for luxurious spacious accommodations with all the amenities you’d expect in a four star hotel but at a great low price?  Then, my advice is to   rent one of the many lovely houses around this loveliest of world lakes.  They are attractive, clean, fully equipped and reasonably priced. Most in fact cost a fraction of what you would pay for anything comparable in  a U.S. or European resort.

Here are some helpful tips for finding your dream vacation rental house on Lake Atitlan.

Tip #1: Choose the best location.
Like all real estate, the three most important factors are location, location, location. Lake Atitlan is no exception.  We recommend you choose the north shore of the Lake.  It is more tranquil, warmer, has fewer cars,  offers breathtaking  views of the three volcanoes on the south side and  is nestled amid hillsides and mountains thus  providing protection from the wind. Definitely the more desirable side of the lake. Villages there include: Santa Cruz, Jabailito, Tzununa , San Marcos La Laguna and San Pablo. Each has a unique personality but Santa Cruz and San Marcos offer by far the best selection of desirable rental homes. Santa Cruz, is well known for its diving school at Iguana Perdida.  
So,  if you’re a diver, it is probably the village for you. 

San Marcos La Laguna, on the other hand, is considered by Lonely Planet as “a spiritual and cultural village” with holistic and meditation centers,  spas, fabulous massage therapists , twenty different cafes and restaurants   as  unique artisan boutiques. If you’re planning to stay a few months and have school age children, San Marcos La Laguna also has an excellent grade school called Caracol, based on the Waldorf School philosophy and curriculum. There are a number of rental houses available in San Marcos but if you want less noise, the Pasacap neighborhood, a short walking distance of the village, offers the most private and nicest   setting.

Tip # 2:  Do your homework.
Search the Internet.  Enter Lake Atitlan rental houses and you will find a number of owners’ websites.   Look for ones that offer full descriptions, include   lots of photos and give very specific details on what amenities you can expect and how much is included and what is extra but available.

Tip # 3:  Make a checklist.
Know what you want and what you are willing to pay.  Items on the checklist include:   

  • Is the house on the Lake and does it have a private dock
  • Is there a protected clean area for swimming
  • Does it have a private sunbathing beach
  • How many bedrooms, how many beds, what sizes are they
  • How many bathrooms are there
  • Are towels and bedding supplied
  • Is the kitchen fully equipped
  • How big is the dining table and much tableware is provided
  • Is daily maid service provided
  • Does the house have Wi-Fi internet access;
  • Is there a video screen and a library of movies
  • Is there reliable hot water and are towels and bedding provided
  • Is daily maid service included
  • Can the owners provide a good local cook to shop and make meals
  • Can the owners arrange transportation to and from Guatemala City airport and how much does it cost
  • Is there someone on the property 24 hours
  • Is bottled water provided
  • Does the house have a fireplace?  Nights can be chilly and   a warm blazing hearth in the evening is a great plus
  • Is there an outdoor patio and is it furnished.  
  • Is there a sauna for guests to use
  • Can the owner arrange for kayaks

Tip # 4: Get personal. 
It is wise to contact owners directly. Get to know them.  Call or email. Ask as many questions as you like. Note how promptly the owner replies and how helpful and friendly she or he is.  Ask for references: names with phones and emails.  Compare prices but be sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Tip # 5:  Reach an agreement.  Decide on when you want the house, how long you will be staying and be absolutely clear on what you are paying and what it includes.  Most owners will require a 50% deposit to confirm and the remaining 50% two weeks prior to arrival. Be sure you understand the terms for cancellation.

Tip # 6:  Relax and enjoy your dream vacation in the luxury and comfort of a beautiful home.
You many never choose a hotel room again.

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