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Getting to Guatemala after you rent Atitlan vacation rentals house is easy - safe, comfortable and reliable.

Guatemala is not in South America.  Nor is it the same country as Guam, as someone amazingly said to me recently.  It is in Central America right next door to Mexico.  Major airline carriers, including Delta, American, Continental, Taca and Spirit Air offer daily service to La Aurora, the gleaming, shop filled new ultra modern international airport located in Guatemala City, its capital. 

Flight connection include direct daily flights from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Washington, Mexico, Los Angeles, Panama and Madrid (twice a week) to Guatemala city (Aurora International Airport).

Getting to Guatemala is easy.  So is getting from the Guatemala City airport to lake Atitlan, one of the most exquisite and beautiful spots on earth with many luxurious rental vacation homes and villas to choose from.

We recommend hiring   a private shuttle from the airport to lake Atitlan.  We always use a family shuttle service with   three excellent and highly reliable drivers who greet guests just outside the airport and hold up large signs with their names. The trip takes 2.5 hours and ends at Panajachel , the gateway village to lake Atitlan . The total cost, is  $100.  Depending on whether your destination is on the north side of the lake, Santiago Atitlan or on the south side,  to Santa Cruz, San Marcos La Laguna or San Pedro, you will go to one of two different docks.  Be sure to tell the driver what village you are going to so he knows where to drop you off.

You have two choices for lake transportation to your hotel or your vacation rental house or rental villa. You can take a public boat called a “lancha” for Q 20 (about $2.70) or you can hire a private  boat “lancha privada” for about Q250 (around $31.00)   Whichever you choose, know that the last public boat leaves Panajachel at 7:30 pm . Tell the boat captain where you are going as soon as you get on board.  For our guests, we arrange for a private boat to bring them to Casa Colina , our vacation rental home  in San Marcos La Laguna , and the private dock for guests.

Once settled, you will want to being exploring lake Atitlan and visit all the charming and unique villages nestled on its shores.  The most economical way is to use the public lanchas, which stop at public and private docks every 30 minutes.  Simply wave a hat or scarf and you’ll be picked up.   The cost is  Q15 or Q20 depending on each different captain’s whim . 

Note that road travel is difficult with poor or no roads to many of the villages.  So, taking a boat is not only fun and economical but definitely the easiest way to get around lake Atitlan, which translated means “where the rainbow gets its colors.”  You’ll understand how apt that definition is once you get your first glimpse of this breathtakingly beautiful place.  

For more helpful information about vacationing in Guatemala, especially renting luxury vacation beach house on  lake Atitlan Guatemala, go to our website ,

Wondeful Experience!

Guest: STVMIC (St. Thomas, Ontario Canada)
Date of Stay: 10/17/11

We just arrived back home after a wonderful stay at this home. The lake is beautiful and waking up each morning to the view from this home is stunning. The gardener and caretaker Gaspar was wonderful to us during our entire visit, bringing firewood up to the house, taking away the garbage and picking avocados and limes each day for us to have. The owners also have a friend who lives nearby who came the first night we arrived to welcome us and advise us on activities and useful information about the area. His name was David and he was a wealth of knowledge and extremely helpful to us throughout our stay. We were able to arrange massages right at the house, in the most tranquil setting, kayaking, hiking, boat tours etc. We loved visiting the villages around the lake and enjoyed several meals in San Marcos. David also arranged for his cousin Isobel to come and cook us several meals that were delicous and very authentic. I would most definitley recommend this property. It is up on a hill and therefore offers a stunning view. It is the perfect place for adventurous people who like to explore. Please go with an open mind, and enjoy immersing yourself in the culture.

Recommended for:Sightseeing, adventure seekers.

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